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Spain Country Of Sun And Much More..
Spains Magnificent Landscapes Spain has a variety of totally different landscapes. The region also has suitable locations for producing Wild West films. On the other hand it hosts similar landscapes as in more northern parts of Europe.

It's wellknown coastlines are holiday destination for millions of Europeans from colder regions. Similar athmosphere and tranquility can be experienced on Spanish islands like Mallorca and Ibiza being very popular holiday destinations for millions of Europeans. If you have not seen Spanish landscape videos before, you would now most probably be interested to visit the country  some time in the future...

Spain is a compact mass of land seperated from the rest of Europe  by the Pyrenees. Spain occupies about six-seventh of the total area, Portugal the rest.
A large part consists of a plateau of ancient rocks, most over 2000ft above sealevel and known as the Meseta from the Spanish word for tableland.
Galicia the North West of Spain consists of a ancient granite plateau similar to Devon in Cornwall, with the main port La Coruna. The Cantabrian Mountains rich in mineral deposits, mainly coal,cobalt,manganese, zinc etc, with the industrial city of Bilbao. Other regions are the Pyrenees, Betic Cordillera, the Ebro Basin, Guadalquivar Valley and the popular Mediterrainean coastlands, destination for millions of holiday makers from across Europe and elsewhere..

Costa Brava Catalonia's "Wild Coast" with it's centre's Calella and Lioret De Mar are holiday destinations for holiday makers from England, France, Scandinavia and Germany. The region has tranquil backlands ideal for fascinating day trips around the inland areas. Many bathing bays will will exclude any boredom and will ensure relaxation and holiday rejuvenation.

Costa Del Sol is only a jump from Africa, Spanish Morocco and Tanger. There are many options, from bathing in the sea to making day trips to Granada whilst passing the snow covered mountains of the Sierra Nevada.. Granada being worth a visit, stopping at the Castle of the Sultan and the Lion Caves or the famous Nerja, also the Fort of Gibralfaro, promissing a exiting day tour. If still not tired, Torremolinus will not be boring..
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Malaga Self Catering Apartment
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Central & Southern Spain Sceneries
Paisajes De Espana Spanish Landscapes
Visiting Spain is not only about sunshine, good cuisine and a warm welcome, but also it's rich monumental heritage and dazzling natural environment...
Northern Spain Landscapes
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